• High performance full carbon wheel // Engineered in Switzerland

  • Optimized, load specific fiber layup // Minimal weight and direct power flows

  • High stiffness // Fast response for demanding drivers

Check out OOCYCLE

A full-carbon wheel, optimized for road bikes with disc brakes. Engineered in Switzerland.

Design and manufacturing

This is how we build OOCYLCE.


Production in an autoclave according to the quality criteria in the aircraft industry.


Continuous spoke structure, laminated in a single process, for optimal transmission of the driving and braking forces.


Optimized, load specific fiber layup for minimal weight and direct power flows.

Spokes technology

Check out the engineering behind the spokes.


Laminated spokes-cross for increased rigidity of the wheel.


Profiled, ultra-thin spokes (1.6mm) for best aerodynamic properties.


The spokes are fully preloaded with tension for optimum material utilization.

Acceleration behaviour

Faster due to low moment of inertia.

With OOCYCLE you will accelerate faster in comparison to a wheel with rim-brakes of equal mass! Why do we claim that?

Because not only the total mass of your wheel matters, but also the moment of inertia.

Since OOCYCLE is optimized for disc brakes, the OOCYCLE rim weight is 100g less than the rim weight of an equal wheel for rim-brakes.

Of course, our hubs weigh a little bit more – but since the hubs diameter is very small and the hubs mass is close to the center of rotation, their influence to the wheels moment of inertia is marginally small.

That means, assuming that the total mass is the same – OOCYCLE has a 17% lower moment of inertia. The total amount of energy needed to accelerate the OOCYCLE into rotation is therefore 17% less than with a comparable rim-brake wheel.

General Specs

Technical specifications.

Spoke count1620
Rim depth (mm)3737
Rim width (mm)21.521.5
Hub componentsDT-Swiss 240sDT-Swiss 240s
Disc brake6 bolt IS-20006 bolt IS-2000

Meet the team behind the idea

Timothy HabermacherCo-founder
Frederic PoppenhägerCo-founder

Our story

A quest for the perfect wheel.

The challenge to reinvent something so basic such as a wheel seems to be impossible. Yet the idea to revolutionize the way carbon material is used in order to build the perfect wheel for top athlete bike racers has always been on the mind of Swiss engineer Timothy Habermacher. Earlier in 2012, he set out with some fellow students from ETH Zurich, the leading international university for technology in Switzerland, to design and build a tandem bicycle that would some time later in 2013 break the world record for human powered vehicles. It was the proof of concept that with the right technology – and some talented athletes – anything is possible in bike racing.

In the beginning of 2014, Timothy teamed up with his friend Frederic Poppenhäger in order to take the idea born at the university to the bike market. Together they developed countless prototypes and spend hours talking to athletes in order to find out what could be the next level for a full-carbon wheel in bike racing. They also decided to specialize in the field of disc braking systems, since the possibility to pull away the breaking force from the rim gave them the unique opportunity to totally redesign the wheel.

As a first product, the OOCYCLE with a 37mm rim emerged. Due to a new manufacturing process, the rim and the spokes are made ​with a single tool and in one pour. Because of this excellence in engineering, the OOCYCLE wheels set new standards in performance and offer a unique riding sensation.

Where to find us

Business address

Radiate Engineering & Design AG

Hohlstrasse 176

CH-8004 Zürich

Tel. +41 44 521 63 75


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